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Do you dream of living outside the city? The company “Center of cottage and mansard construction” is ready to help to translate your dreams into reality. We carry out the erection of frame houses in strict accordance with the requirements and wishes of customers. Our cottage projects are diverse and unique. Performed from modern, reliable and environmentally friendly materials, they seem for a harmonious, quality life.

In our work we apply advanced technologies, so our homes delight their owners with excellent performance characteristics and demonstrate many advantages. Projects of cottages, developed by our highly qualified specialists, delight with their attractiveness, aesthetics and elegance. In addition, they are durable, durable and safe.

n addition, we can conduct construction in the shortest possible time, while at quite affordable prices. Our specialists will undertake the whole range of works, from design to cottage delivery

Even before the construction starts, you will know exactly when you can start to equip your house, how much time and money it will take to build it. Projects of cottages are developed by us, property to future homeowners such information.

I create a project, the customer has a real chance to build a house of his dreams, which has an individuality, eccentricity and incomparable style. After all, all the wishes of the client will certainly be taken into account by our specialists. If you can not decide in any way, then there must be your home, our designers will give you good advice.

Sometimes people who dream of their own country house start construction on their own, neglecting professional help. However, as practice shows, this approach is not always reasonable.

The fact is that the construction process is a delicate matter, requiring the developer to have specific knowledge and skills. The specialists of the company “Center of cottage and mansard construction” carry out the image in full measure, as, indeed, in all necessary decisions for the implementation of orders. These are tools, equipment, materials.

It’s also nice that our catalog also includes ready-made projects for cottages. Choosing one of them, you will save a lot of your time and money. You will be spared from painful meditations and regular adjustments made to the project.

Sometimes the preparation last takes several months. Thus, your happy settling is delayed, you are carrying material costs. Ready-made projects of cottages solve similar problems. It is all the more pleasant that each of them can be realized with the use of materials and technologies attracted to the client.

If you do not want to waste time, strive to spend money, and we are ready to meet your high requirements.


The choice of a construction company is a serious matter. And if you are aiming at an excellent result, if you are accustomed to getting only the best from life, the “Cottage Mansard Construction Center” is exactly what you need.
Why? The answer is obvious. The fact is that our organization has a number of different advantages. Professional staff, many years of experience, an individual approach to each client, a wide selection of ready-made cottage projects, affordable prices are just some of our advantages. In fact, their list is much larger.

Our construction company is engaged in the erection of frame houses in the territory of Rostov-on-Don and the Rostov region. We apply advanced technologies and the most up-to-date materials. Dreaming of a wooden cottage? Or in your plans building a brick dwelling? With our help, any of your ideas will come true.
At the same time, we specialize in prefabricated construction. So you do not have to wait long for your solemn settlement.

The property we are building has all the characteristics necessary for a comfortable stay. Strong and durable, our cottages will delight you with their uncommonness and practicality.
Today, organizations specializing in construction, a great many. The range of services they realize is also diverse. How to make a choice of a construction company and not lose it?

To begin with, you should take an interest in the experience of a fancy firm. Only those companies that exist on the market for many years cause unlimited confidence. In addition, the organization must have permits for the implementation of certain construction works.

Our construction company has been operating for many years. We have all the necessary permits, certificates and approvals. Our professionalism and competence are not in doubt.
In addition, our clients have an opportunity to get acquainted with the works already done before and make their own opinion about the results of our activities.

Illustrative and ready-made projects of cottages. They are so diverse that anyone will choose for themselves one that will fully correspond to his taste preferences.

By the way, any project presented in our catalog can be made using various materials, whether it be wood, brick or foam concrete. The finishes are also numerous and varied. Thus, we manage to build a house that is unique and unique, emphasizing the taste of the owner and satisfying his requirements.

Of special importance is undoubtedly another area of ​​our company’s activities. It’s about attic construction. Today it is becoming more relevant. And there are many reasons for this.

Firstly, the attic device makes it possible to use the useful area more rationally, expand the space. Secondly, the presence of such an extension seems to revive the house, brings to its appearance a certain zest, makes it original and unique.

At present, attics differ in their forms, sizes and constructive solutions. So any potential owner of such a home will necessarily choose the right option for himself. For this, he will have to study our catalog carefully enough. In addition, our specialists are always ready to provide you with the necessary advisory support.

Of course, the choice of a construction company is not an easy task. We, like no one, understand this. Therefore, we always strive to provide our customers with the necessary information about the services we provide.

It has long been no secret that the one who owns the information owns the world. So let’s manage it together. After all, we have a future landlord for one task for two. Our goal is always to create a comfortable and attractive home, fully consistent with modern ideas of the beautiful and practical.


The construction of suburban housing is the main activity of the company “Center for Cottage and Attic Construction”. Today the erection of low-rise buildings is becoming more and more popular and common. Some consumers even prefer to do it themselves. But most of our compatriots still do not rely on their own resources and entrust construction activities to professionals. So, like the ones that work in our company. Their experience and qualifications can always be relied upon.

Our specialists will undertake the whole complex of proposed activities.

Everything starts with the development project. This document is an important condition for the successful conduct of construction work.

It prescribes all the main stages of the forthcoming process, determines the cost and features of the materials used. At the same time, by cooperating with our company, you can be sure that in the project prepared in advance, no changes will be made during the construction process. This means that the cost will not increase.

In addition, one of our advantages is the efficiency of all construction activities. Applying wireframe technology, we can build a house even quite impressive dimensions in the shortest possible time, but at the same level.

It is also pleasant that such buildings are attractive and practical. Behind a nice appearance, the functional content is always hidden. Warm, durable, durable, stylish and modern – the list of characteristics of the houses, erected by specialists of the company “Center for cottage and mansard construction”, can be continued.

As practice shows, special attention is always paid to potential homeowners aesthetics. The appearance of the dwelling must satisfy their taste preferences and look presentable. Our company manages to meet similar requirements. After all, we can carry out exterior decoration of walls using a variety of materials. Fortunately, the modern market is rich and offers a variety of options.

Of course, listing the advantages of cooperation with us, it is impossible not to mention our democratic prices. They are more than acceptable and, undoubtedly, attractive to our customers. The affordable cost is due to the use of the same wireframe technology. It is what gives our customers the opportunity to save money.

The structures constructed according to this method have a small weight, which allows not to lay too powerful foundation. In addition, the tight construction time reduces the costs spent on the labor of workers.

In addition, our specialists have sufficient experience and skills to quickly produce and assemble the frame on the construction site. All this also leads to savings. The parts of the frame are assembled, like a designer, quickly and efficiently.

We have listed only some of the merits of our company. In fact, there are many more. You can always make sure of this personally, using our services.

Estimated cost of construction and design of houses you can see in the section Prices. Also you can find out the estimated cost of construction and design from our consultants.


Construction of cottages. The phenomenon is popular and relevant. There is nothing more pleasant than living in the country, in your own house, elegant and practical. Modern people understand this perfectly. Baku residents in this sense are no exception. They gladly cooperate with the company “Center of cottage and mansard construction”, trusting their experience, professionalism and competence.

Indeed, our organization knows a lot about quality construction. We built cottages that are durable, comfortable and attractive. It is also pleasant that the designs of houses differ in variety. Any customer will be able to pick up something from us that meets his taste and wishes.

Our catalog of ready-made projects of cottages is quite extensive. In this case, the client has the opportunity to independently determine from what materials the attractive project will be implemented, what will be the external finish. With this approach it is possible to achieve individuality, which, undoubtedly, is an additional advantage in the moneybox of the advantages of our cottages.

Choosing a ready project, you, in addition, get a real chance to save time and money.
However, if in your heart the cherished dream to build a cottage of your dreams, the specialists of our company can develop for you an individual project. It will take into account all your wishes.
And, of course, we should not lose sight of the other advantages of cooperation with our organization. There are a lot of them.

We guarantee you a high quality construction on the most advanced technologies, with the use of only reliable, durable and modern materials. At the same time, we will take into account all existing norms and we will certainly perform the work within the agreed time. By the way, the latter is succinct. After all, we practice prefabricated construction using a frame.

Currently, this technology is well-deservedly popular all over the world. It makes it possible to create comfortable cottages with excellent performance characteristics.

In addition, we are engaged in construction and other technologies. Do you want a cottage made of laminated veneer lumber or aerated concrete? Our company will help to translate your dreams into reality. In any case, your house will turn out to be qualitative and attractive.

By the way, the company “Center for cottage and mansard construction” is also engaged in internal upgrading of cottages. We will happily take up the repair and decoration of your home’s interior. Professional designers will pick up for you the idea of ​​arranging premises, depending on their purpose and specificity. We will show you how to make the interior stylish, fashionable, unforgettable, we will help you to decide on the color scale and the nature of the finishing materials.

Thus, by applying to our company, you get a real opportunity to become the owner of a cottage that meets the high standards that the world is now pushing for suburban housing.


Warm and fast.

When building frame houses, we use a galvanized metal frame as a carrier system, as well as any options for exterior decoration. Often a frame house can not be distinguished from a brick one – the same brick outside or facade plaster. In addition, we also use siding, fiber cement panels; The walls themselves can be filled with a monolithic foam concrete. If the insulation is made of stone or mineral wool, the frame house will be warm, which virtually eliminates heat loss in the climate of Azerbaijan. You can also use cellulose or mineral blowing wool.

Swedish energy-saving technology is an industrial high-performance method of building modern houses with European quality finishes and low operating costs. This technology is developed for all with a low temperature of the winter period, and in conditions of rising energy prices is particularly relevant. Unlike many “cheap” construction technologies, you will not get a naked cold box at home, in which you have to invest three times more than it costs. You will get a house ready for living of European quality at an affordable price.

What is special about the technology of frame houses?


To build wooden houses from glued beams in Azerbaijan became not so long ago, the reason for this – the absence of nearby. Forests, as a consequence, the traditions of wooden housing construction. Wooden houses made of laminated veneer lumber are ideal for homes, bathhouses, hotels. Breathes in such houses as in the forest. In order to make a wooden house warm, the thickness of the timber should be appropriate. Shrinkage of such houses does not exceed 1.5%, interior trim is minimized. The color of the wooden house and interior can be anything from chocolate to peach.

One of the areas of activity of our company is the supply and construction of houses from glued beams of both foreign and domestic production.



We offer wooden houses from glued beams from the world leader in the field of wooden house construction (more than 2,000 houses per year) – the company KONTIO (Finland) kontio.ru.

The history of the company is a continuous development from a mobile sawmill to the world’s largest complex for the production of wooden houses from laminated veneer lumber.

On the official site www.kontio.ru see the catalogs of models of houses, read about the history of the company, make an unforgettable video journey through wooden houses from the north of Finland.


House from foam concrete and aerated concrete

Baku is a modern, rapidly developing city, which badly needs new construction technologies. In an effort to meet the growing demands of consumers, the company “Center for cottage and mansard construction” offers them various options for real estate. One of the most inexpensive and popular, for today, are houses made of aerated concrete and a house made of foam concrete. They are very popular with many of our customers. This is due, first of all, to the low cost of aerated concrete and foam concrete, and hence the whole house.

In an effort to reduce the cost of construction, many customers primarily pay attention to these inexpensive technologies. However, in more detailed consideration, it is unexpectedly found out that in addition to low cost, aerated concrete and foam concrete have a number of functional advantages that ensure the construction on their basis of buildings low thermal conductivity, fire resistance, environmental friendliness and other advantages.

Aerated concrete and foam concrete are varieties of lightweight cellular concrete, the main distinguishing feature of which is the simplicity in processing. It is thanks to this quality, the final products of gas and foam concrete can be of a very different configuration.

Houses made of aerated concrete and foam concrete houses are prefabricated structures, which also have excellent aesthetic characteristics. The modern market of building materials offers a huge number of different dry mixes for the exterior decoration of such real estate. In addition, you can always trim it with wood, brick, siding or decorative stone.

Advantages of houses made of aerated concrete, however, as well as houses made of foam concrete, are achieved through the use of materials in construction, quality control of which is carried out by our specialists. The fact is that not every block offered today in the market meets the high requirements of modern construction.

The company “Center of cottage and mansard construction” deals with extremely reliable and proven manufacturers of building materials, which allows us to guarantee the consistently excellent quality of the constructed houses made of aerated concrete and houses made of foam concrete.

The projects of houses made of aerated concrete and foam concrete offered by us are diverse and numerous. Turning to us, you can always count on an individual approach and consideration of your needs and opportunities.


Beautiful, monumental, and … cold.

The most common technology in Russia. According to the new SNiPs, and according to the owners themselves, the wall thickness of one and a half bricks is not enough to provide comfortable living conditions – it is cold and wasteful for energy carriers. Conclusion: the brick house needs to be insulated. For this purpose we offer several options: to make a well, to warm the house using the technology “wet façade”, to perform only the exterior decoration of the facing brick, and the house itself to perform in a frame with insulation (such a house will receive all the advantages from both technologies). In addition, if you have a site with poor soils, the brick may not be suitable because of the loads. Not the best option and brick extensions to existing buildings, as well as construction on someone else’s (made not by you, long ago, with violations) foundation. In the case of the latest options, it is better to use lightweight structures. Do not insulate such a (and any other) house foam.


Back to nature. But be careful …

Log houses and cylinders and hewn log

This technology – perhaps the best solution for a bath or a country house, provided that the house is built by professionals. If houses from glued beams are not suitable for you because of the high price, build a frame. Choose cylindered, if you want the ideal geometry of the logs. This is the most “dangerous” technology: many nuances and details, many things “come out” in a year, a layman is always difficult to take work (unless through the wall you can not see the street). It may seem that the frame – it’s cheap, especially if you buy a house, for example, in Vologda and the local brigade to instruct the assembly. But think in advance where to look for this brigade, when the wall starts to retreat or jam the door from shrinkage?

Log houses and cylinders and hewn log


At last the brick became warm.

Of course, thermoceramics can not compare with frame houses for the quality of heat savings, but it is much warmer than ordinary bricks. The secret lies in the special multi-hollow form of the block. The block itself is made from the same clay as a conventional brick. Dimensions of the blocks allow the construction of bearing walls and partitions with a thickness of 380 or 510 mm. A house made of thermo-ceramics always needs exterior decoration. It can be: facing brick, plaster, Dagestan stone, any variants of hinged facades and other options.


To simulate a variety of materials, fibrecement panels – tiles, plaster coatings, stone surfaces and bricks – are excellent. Helps to create any architectural ensemble of different sizes and colors. A wide range of applications: residential and public buildings, holiday and individual cottages, shopping and entertainment and business centers.

Download the catalog in PDF format here.


Approximate calculations of the cost of building a house for various technologies.*

Brick house

Foundation: band monolithic reinforced concrete

Exterior walls: full brick 125 + facing brick.

Internal walls and partitions: solid brick 125.

Overlap: hollow-core reinforced concrete slabs.

Roof construction: wooden.

Stairs: reinforced concrete.

Windows: m/n KBE.

Doors: “”ALFA1” -head, lock with pulling handle and latch; front coating – polymer coating; internal – wood lamination.

Roof: soft roof shinglas.

Socle: wild stone.

Cost: 620 azn. 1м2

Дом из термокерамики

Фундамент: ленточный монолитный ж/б.

Наружные стены: керамические пустотелые блоки + облицовочный кирпич.

Внутренние стены: полнотелый кирпич марки 125.

Перекрытие: многопустотные железобетонные плиты.

Конструкция крыши: деревянная.

Лестницы: железобетонные.

Окна: м/п КВЕ.

Двери: “ALFA1” -глазок, замок со стяжной ручкой и защелкой; лицевая отделка – полимерное покрытие; внутренняя -ламинирование под дерево.

Кровля: Металлочерепица.

Цоколь: облицовочный кирпич.

Стоимость: 620 azn. 1м2

Дом из ЛСТК

Фундамент: столбчатый ж/б.

Наружные стены: Каркас ЛСТК ООО “Квикхаус”, обшивка наружных стен плитами Гринборд ГБ 600-25мм, обшивка наружных стен плитами ГСП 3000х1250х10 с пароизоляцией и утеплением толщ.150мм,
наружная отделка (монтаж сайдинга и панелей Этерколор)

Внутренние стены и перегородки: Облицовка перегородок ГСП 3000х1250х10мм в 1 слой с утеплением толщ. 100мм (с 2х сторон).

Перекрытие: Каркас ЛСТК усиленный , Устройство пола из плит Гринборд ГБ3-22мм с утеплением толщиной 200мм, Подшивка потолка ГКЛ.

Конструкция крыши: Каркас ЛСТК.

Лестницы: Деревянная по металлическим касаурам.

Окна: м/п КВЕ.

Двери: “ALFA1” -глазок, замок со стяжной ручкой и защелкой; лицевая отделка – полимерное покрытие; внутренняя -ламинирование под дерево.

Кровля: Устройство кровли Shinglas (утепление, подшивка, гидроизоляция).

Цоколь: керамогранитная плитка.

Стоимость: 620 azn 1м2

* Примечание: Точная стоимость будет рассчитываться после разработки проекта АР.


The center of cottage and mansard construction carries out the following list of works on construction of commercial real estate: construction of warehouses in Baku and other Districts, construction and reconstruction of offices, shops, banks, sports halls with special coatings, roof and facade repair. For each new construction we can offer several technologies, each of which has its advantages.

The construction of warehouses in Rostov now comes to a new level, first of all in the aspect of technology: the consumer is no longer satisfied with the timing of the erection of brick buildings, nor the indicators for heat savings and heating costs. Therefore, warehouses and other commercial buildings using Light Steel Framing Technology are increasingly popular. Such buildings do not require a massive foundation – you can use lightweight, hence the time and cost savings of the customer accordingly. Simplicity and a large choice of facade systems also increase the attractiveness of such buildings.

It is worth highlighting the possibility of building from Light Steel Framing Technology in cramped conditions without the use of construction equipment: sometimes this is the only possible solution, especially when it comes to building in a densely built-up spot in the center or on a site with poor access conditions. Our experts have experience of construction in such cases, for example, an object with an area of ​​220 m2 was erected in 2 months by a team of 5 people. Of the technology, only the “Gazelle” was used to deliver materials, and no cranes, mixers, trawls with bricks.


Construct or make repairs “cheap” – simply, especially in a crisis. Only you need to remember that you have to pay for everything, and there are no miracles. In order to build cheap, you need to find a private team, preferably a non-resident team, and plunge them into a fascinating and unpredictable construction process. On the sad experience of visitors to the site read here.

Let’s count together:

  • Since you have business and work as a foreman at your site, you can not, you have to hire it. If for a salary, then it is 20000-25000 azn per month, as well as expenses for daily needs. If not for a salary, you will never know how much you have earned. As a result, you can get 40,000 azn per month – everything will be hidden in prices. Say, brick mason will put on 6 azn, the price from the foreman will be 9 for you, add the cost of seaming.
  • Procurement of materials Do you trust a foreman? Can you guess what is the meaning of advertising appeals such as “to superintendents and architects – special conditions”? True – rollback. If the foreman does not ask you to throw something above, then consider that 10 percent are already included, and if asked, it can be 30 percent. Do not be surprised: you will never know the real price from a check or an invoice.
  • The expenditure of materials is another article of the income of dishonest masters and brigades. We know cases when at a standard paint consumption of 300 grams per m2, customers “drew” more than a kilogram.
  • Since the construction superintendent has yet to build, he has no time for constant monitoring of uppliers. Means to buy it will be more likely out of habit, where “it seems to him” is cheaper. This is an additional loss of 2-5% on materials only because no one has systematically worked on purchases.
  • Now about the performers. Do you think that your superintendent will supply the workers with the cheapest or the professionals? How many will be thrown from above? 10-20 percent? Well, if their “Zhiguli” is about to change the foreign car?..
  • Well, of course, losses on conscience. What is this is a reserve, which should not be. This is a superfluous reinforcement that has remained. This cement, which was bought for your money and stayed, or even migrated (and in fact was resold) to another facility. Well, the permanent “not enough” – then the cement was not enough, then paint, then foam, etc. To check the rates of consumption, you will have to live on the construction site and master in the course of construction one or two new professions for yourself.

That’s the whole economy. Our profit is even less than the mark-up in an ordinary grocery store. Considering that we have several objects at the same time, the lowest prices for materials, permanent brigades, we can afford it. When you get to a hungry brigade or a private superintendent, everything will depend on their appetites. And this is only the economy. The last question is – do you play the lottery? The chances of building a good house with honest brigades certainly are, about the same as in the lottery. The decision is yours.


We, as professionals, have a clear conviction that our people (born in the territory of the former USSR) with mother’s milk absorb three skills – to treat, teach and build. Well, seriously, it’s sad and insulting for those who started building a house without a ready project – fixing the mistakes of such a construction is either impossible in principle, or very time-consuming and costly.

Obviously, any construction begins with a design. Ready-made house designs will allow you to reduce a huge amount of time. In other words, every ruble invested in designing or spent on designing a day will save 10 rubles on construction. We designed the house for ourselves in 3 days, with the fact that it was necessary to give the professionals and wait for 2 weeks, multiply the time saved by 10. About 3 months can go to correct mistakes – an uncomfortable staircase, a skewed foundation, no chimney under the fireplace, etc. . Ready-made house designs will solve these problems!

Fortunately, more and more customers realize that it’s better to spend time and money on ready-made house designs than to make a foundation “by eye” or “like a neighbor”. Any construction, including low-rise housing, has its own characteristics and requires specific knowledge and skills. For example, the solution of such a question as the window area in the boiler house is not a creative process, but a mathematical process. There are clear norms in the SNiPe, which regulate this parameter. If you have a toothache, you go to the dentist, and not the oculist, although both are doctors. So here – the design and construction of your house should be entrusted only to those organizations that have relevant, sometimes narrow specialists, they know this and have already proven themselves in the market.

When building individual houses in many cases, it is not at all necessary to order a complete package of project documentation. The most detailed project is required for the production and construction of houses on frame technology (Light Steel Framing Technology and wood-frame (Canadian) technology), as well as for houses from laminated veneer lumber. This is due to the fact that all elements of such buildings are manufactured in the factory with practically engineering accuracy and any deviation from the dimensions provided in the project leads to significant difficulties in the subsequent installation of the house on the construction site.

So, you want to buy a plot and build a house. Where to begin?

1. Make sure that the title documents to the site are in order. Cadastral plan, certificate of ownership, topographical survey of the site.
Decide on the company that will design the house. It is better to entrust this issue to an architectural studio or construction company that has the necessary specialists.

2. Properly sketched design. You can determine the technology in advance, or you can at this stage in the process of communicating with the architect. Often there are situations when a particular technology is economically feasible for a particular technology. For example, if a section is narrow and, correspondingly, a house or an extension along the width should fit in certain frames, it is preferable to build one of the wireframe technologies (to increase the useful area by reducing the thickness of the walls). Designing a house is the fruit of the joint work of the Customer and the architect, and from the Customer in this case we need input data – what kind of premises are needed, what styles in architecture are preferable, the color scale, the type of the roof, etc. It is advisable together with the architect to go to the site to clarify the orientation of the position of the house around the world.

3. Design of foundations. Stage . An extremely important stage, without which construction becomes a lottery. What type of foundation to choose, what should be the armature and the width of the ribbon, do you need an armpole, what is the load per square meter? The answers to all these questions are given by the draft foundation.

4. Geological survey. The purpose of this stage is to determine the bearing capacity of the soil, that is, how many tons per square meter it is capable of holding this soil. There are two ways here: the first fastest, but not quite correct, type of soil is determined by what is called “by eye”, based on the state of the neighboring structures or geology of the nearest sites. The second way is geological exploration. Soil samples are taken, and after the laboratory tests an opinion is prepared on its bearing capacity.

5. Calculation of the cost of construction. Only after drawing up a detailed estimate (which in turn is possible only if there is a house project and a foundation project), one can say how much construction will cost. This figure has nothing to do with the phrases “how much does your square meter cost”, for the simple reason that this is a concrete house with its own specifics, with concrete roofing materials, with the height of the floor that you need, with terraces or without and . Only this figure can be considered a construction budget, you can orient to it. If someone tells you that I will build such a house for a million (two million, five million – the right thing to emphasize) – do not believe it.

6. Obtaining technical specifications. These activities can be carried out both at the first stages, and in the process of construction or even after the construction of the house. The only thing that we will note – without reception of technical conditions is impossible official connection to the water drain, a waterpipe and the electric power. If you do not have time and desire to engage in obtaining technical conditions – you can entrust specialized companies or our specialists.

The following measures may also be required: departure to the site in order to determine the possibility of access to heavy construction equipment and the possibility of a truck crane. In difficult conditions, it may be necessary to abandon the slabs and use overlapping monolithic ones. In this case, it is necessary to determine the installation point of the concrete pump.

Similarly, if the design of the house is in reference to a particular site, it will be necessary to determine whether the house fits into the existing urban development standards. Otherwise (if we violate the norms of indentation from neighboring sites) there will be difficulties with commissioning the facility.

In case you are going to get a building permit before the construction starts – you will need to make a project passport for submission to the architecture. In case you are going to get a building permit before the construction starts – you will need to make a project passport for submission to the architecture. If necessary, our specialists can solve these issues – from obtaining permission to construction and commissioning.


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