The cost of the project in a wooden frame

43. 344 – for finishing

61.920* – with finishing

The cost of the project in the framework of the LSFC

54.696 – for finishing

65.738* – with finishing

Project information

Total area: 103.2 square meters.

Complete set for finishing includes::

  • Erection of the frame of the house (using the profile and thermoprofile);
  • Warming;
  • Devices of vapor barrier and windproof membranes;
  • OSP-3 outer skin (waterproof oriented particle board);
  • Interior decoration of walls (OSB-3, GKL);
  • Interior doors MDF;
  • The device of a roof (metal tile);
  • Installation of roof drainage system;
  • PVC windows;
  • Internal communications (electrician, ventilation system, water supply, sewerage);
  • The device of the porch;
  • Entrance doors (metal);

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