Commercial Pods

The flexibility to create your own space.

At Pod Space our creativity knows no boundaries. We proudly work alongside our commercial clients from the spark of an idea through to handover of a fully functioning building. We’ve taken years of modular experience and applied it to every sector, industry and individual to design and manufacture everything from a multiple classroom school building, bespoke holiday accommodation to offices with meeting spaces.

Designed and built to create the perfect space

Through great design and precision manufacture, we create spaces to last a lifetime. Every Pod Space has British engineering in its core framework, all expertly crafted with precision.

When time is of the essence

There are times when businesses need a quick solution and that’s when our standardised modular solutions can come in handy. We have a pre-designed modular office solution and a fully functional two-bedroom residential Pod ready to hit the ground running.

Total area

Number of rooms


How much will it cost to build a house according to your project?
It is designed for about 400-600 manats per square meter.

In what cases can the construction cost be higher than the indicated one?
If the area of ​​the house is very small (50 sq.m.)

How seismic is your home’s structure?
All our houses are rated for 6 seismic activity points.

What heating system is included in the project?
Typical projects include gas heating.

What is the height of the attic wall in your projects?
We make the attic wall high. Approximately 90-100 cm.

What is the height of the house in your projects?
On the ground floor – 2.8 m, on the second floor – 2.7 m.

Can I make changes to a project I like?
Yes it is possible.

What material should the roof be made of according to your projects?
Our projects are designed for all types of roofing materials.

Which project sells the most?
According to the latest sales statistics, the MaxVilla-010 project is popular with our customers.

    You can also order a project.
    When ordering a project: 500 AZN

    To order a project, choose “Order a project”
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